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The term ‘digital footprint’ is becoming more prominent as the digital world evolves. Especially as we search for our place in the online environment and start to work out what it’s all about, your footprint is becoming more important than ever. In personal terms a digital footprint generally refers to your interactions online including shopping, websites, social commentary, images and affiliations. Essentially those components form part of your digital profile, your presence when interacting in the digital world. It’s something that is re-searchable, it’s something that leaves a permanent trail like an online DNA.

So how does a digital footprint become relevant to your professional services firm? The days of your business operating only geographically are gone. We’ve seen it in the Accounting industry with cloud based solutions and the need to offer value added services, and target the online consumer. Traditionally large and successful firms now need to compete for digital territory – it’s where a trickle of their clients are heading, and where the majority will end up. As a professional services firm for example, how can you build and shape your digital footprint so that it reflects appropriately on your business and continues to do so into the future to help you capture online opportunities. Where do you start?

At DuckMedia, we tend to look at how you can build your digital footprint in relation to your ongoing brand. We recommend planning and research to explore the options suitable for your firm, likely to reflect the culture and purpose of your offering. You want to create a footprint that enhances your future interactions online. The content, the methods the affiliations you choose should all form part of the bigger picture of what you would like your footprint to look like. We have created a short checklist as a reference point to ensure you have the right focus throughout the process.

1. Always ensure you digital (online) presence reflects your brand in each interaction – both physically (using the right logo, images, fonts, scripts and copy), and also in line with the company culture (approved commentary, official descriptions, content that enhances your position).

2. Have a planning session and regular tracking to ensure your digital message is consistent. Explore the options for communicating your message and formulate a plan for how that will be done. Monitor consistency of the content and release of content to become a resource to the online community.

3. Create a central point for development and control of your message. It doesn’t need to be a digital expert, it needs to be someone who understands the firm’s objectives and can work with a digital expert to build the online brand.

4. Staff output monitoring is now essential. Monitoring your staff’s output has become vital in protecting your brand. Their communications both professionally and personally with social media and the like can certainly have a big impact in the long term. A policy relating to staff reference of your firm or business pre-empts negative content being posted and the erosion of your digital footprint goals.

5. Search your own offering regularly. By reviewing and searching your business online, your brand and your products, you will understand where your footprint places you, how you rank and how the online world sees you. Search your business name, search your leaders, search your products – it’s often surprising and is your prospects reality.

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Most firms have a website, some have even adopted a search engine and social media strategy…

Where do you currently stand in terms of your websites performance?

DuckMedia has launched it’s comprehensive SEO Audit report with a view to establishing and measuring your websites current position, and it’s effectiveness in directing traffic and delivering real results. This invaluable report will give you enormous insight into where you currently sit online. What impact are you having, where could you improve?

We’ll give you recommendations for enhancement and the scoop on how to improve your web performance.

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For those unfamiliar, for those new to this technology stuff, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We like to refer to it as having your digital marketing duck’s lined up! For those of you who knew what it meant, do you know how to harness it successfully?

We have just released several packages for SEO that are designed to take a wholistic approach to your SEO management, improve your website commercialisation and enhance engagement with your target audience. The old school of SEO relied on playing catch up and really does not take into account the new parameters that companies like Google use to rate sites and content.

At Duck, our SEO experts will simplify the process, we’ll create a plan, we will work with you to develop your SEO strategy. If you are looking for a quick fix, then ciao. We have a long term vision for success with our clients in this area, an ongoing plan is the only way to succeed and to continue to commercialise your business online.

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A step into the world of SEO, or Social Media, or an actual Website is no doubt confronting for many businesses. Where do you start? What will I get? How much will it cost? Will it actually work?

This technology really isn’t new and the concepts are continually being developed to greater levels than ever before. Many companies are already receiving the rewards of early adoption, though many businesses we have spoken to, and that have been successful in their own right for many years, are just not exploring the value of these new technologies and communication platforms.

Truth is, adopting these technologies, understanding how to best gain value from them for commercialization and brand equity generally takes some blood, sweat and tears. Learning how to use these platforms, practising and measuring your results takes time. It takes patience and at times it does seem a little like black magic…

Not all these technologies represent genuine value to all businesses. It’s no surprise though that a concept like LinkedIn, with a captive audience of senior industry professionals is potentially very attractive to recruitment agencies and JV entrepreneurs. Other services like Facebook get a message to market very effectively for big brands with strong following like Coca Cola. Tweets mean we can know what Ashton Kutcher had for lunch which is engaging for some of his followers and those that care about his brand… These are all businesses, leveraging these platforms to create brand equity and to enhance their social interactions with prospects.

Right now, there are options for enthusiastic and open-minded businesses to explore these new technologies, to find where these technologies may be of help, and to learn how they can be tools for both the further commercialization and growth of your Brand. Following the crowd gives you the same result as the crowd, really thinking about how you can pioneer the technology, how you can adapt the technology to you and your intended audience actually gives you an edge. Whilst the early adopters are already discovering winning, the opportunity is still in it’s infancy and it’s not too late to  jump on board.

Consult a professional, talk to those that use Social Media platforms and new technologies for process improvement and ask them what they are getting from the experience. Ask them what their goals are, and how they believe it will enhance their business. Be open-minded, find the best way to gain value for you and your business. Then build a serious approach to exploring this thing – it’s too important to leave business on the table, it’s too important not to adapt.

DuckMedia are experts in digital technology. We can help you increase your businesses digital footprint, efficiently and effectively, ensuring the right return on investment.

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