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A big part of the mindset for Accountants, Lawyers and the like in adopting new digital technologies for marketing is the realisation that there is a difference between a firm and a business… Scarily, many partners just don’t see their firm as a regular business.

Referrals come, the business grows – why would we market ourselves?

Because digital technology has changed everything – including the ongoing viability of your business if you are slow to adopt the technologies of the future. Along with Value Added services and a strong point of difference, firms will need to find a niche within digital and online platforms and social media. The advantage: an extended audience beyond traditional geographical boundaries. The challenge: understanding the technology and commercialising your niche.

A firm consists of partners and those on the tools. A business consists of that team working to promote and build the business utilising marketing and sales insights, and adopting digital technologies. Professional services firms are now competing for a space online. The rules have changed and your mindset needs to orientate towards your business,
not your firm.



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To consistently achieve great results with your marketing strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why is the person I am targeting going to be engaged by this campaign?

2. Why are they going to consider my offer?

3. Why are they going to tell others about my offer?

4. Why are they going to explore my offer further?

5. Why are they going to purchase my offer?

Interest, Provoke, Share, Invest, Buy.

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