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Here’s an interesting article we found on Linked in from Red Balloon founder – Naomi Simson. With the infinite volume of content available giving insight into success, theories on being successful, and thought leadership, it’s very interesting that key entrepreneurs and proven successful business leaders come back to a really simple concept – Hard work and practice…

Check out the Naomi’s blog article here



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Well, in simple terms, if the firm and partners are intending to exist in the near future, they will need to be marketed digitally…in some form.

Webinars, Social Media, Website Traffic and Web Networking – all components of the new online commercialisation of firms.

This is the direction in which the Accounting industry is moving – Like it or not. Scary isn’t it!!

Well, it doesn’t have to be… The early adopters are kicking goals, they realise that they can’t continue to do things the traditional way. They are finding opportunities to grow and finding niche’s that compliment their growth plans.

Increased competition, reduced geographical boundaries, new offerings and a hundreds of cloud apps ready to take your place… People aren’t just going to turn up on your doorstep any more. Traditional referrals will be replaced with referrals for great experiences found online – through likes and shares.

So how are you going to get involved, and when? When will you admit that your business needs a marketing plan – a real one that is proactive.

It’s time.

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We should ask ourselves why,

Why fumble through digital technology, why do it half arsed?

Why pay $90 – 130k for a full time marketer for your firm?

Why have your staff losing capacity and juggling marketing activity?

Every business needs a marketing direction, and marketing plan and someone to keep the marketing activity on track. Especially in the digital era, you are dreaming if you think the business will grow by itself. What a great option to work with a marketing specialist, someone who can help you create your plan, execute it, measure it and then refine. In just a fraction of the week and on an ongoing (on call) basis. Take the legwork out of your day and create capacity within your business to focus on your offering. Lose the mindset where  marketing is seen as an extra or optional expense – we believe it’s an essential component of you driving business growth in the right direction, smart marketing is non-negotiable.

For a fraction of the cost of having a full time marketing person, you can have a specialist, well engaged and expert assist you with the marketing direction of your firm. Contact DuckMedia to find out how we can help you in person, remotely or otherwise. It’s time to start your digital journey!

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