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It’s very interesting seeing outwardly good businesses from the inside out…I’ve had the fortune to see recently how some supposedly ‘benchmark’ businesses really operate…

The importance of branding yourself is often understated, especially from where we sit here at DuckMedia. However, the importance of actually practicing what you preach within the business can be a big make or break… We all know those companies that tell a story, and don’t follow through… Sadly, it’s not all that unusual these days. I’ve worked for a couple of companies in the past that really don’t practice what they preach. It’s really amazing that they still manage to carry the facade of professionalism, and that they manage to convince their clients and prospects that they are any more expert than they are. The truth is, any facade will fade, and the companies that don’t tick the boxes, that really don’t apply their own practices to themselves will trip up.

I’ve seen companies who promote their ability to help others manage their cash flow, and yet can’t manage their own or pay their staff. Others that offer Marketing services in a package, and have no real expertise or understanding of what they are doing. In the end, clients work it out and it shows. Your team members are stakeholders and so are those that you partner with. Having a great image, starts from the inside out.

The image presented by a company is very important – whilst it’s often subjective in terms of the design itself, it’s definitely important to look professional. It’s actually more important to have some substance and to be able to lead your clients by example, rather than leading them through a process inadequately…

If you are teaching your clients to be successful, if you are teaching others your expertise, please do both yourself and yours clients the service of actually practising what you preach… Have an inside out approach to excellence.

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