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Creating an effective content strategy is key to the success of a brand’s digital marketing. To get it right you need to understand how consumers share information so you can create the right content. You should know where consumers are sharing digital information and via which devices, what kind of content they share and which devices generate the most shares.

So how does sharing content on a mobile versus a desktop stack up? Read this recent research by ShareThis to discover five facts on content sharing:

1. Consumers are nearly twice as likely to share social media content on a mobile device than on a desktop.
2. The iPhone is the most social device, as consumers are 3 times as likely to share on an iPhone versus a desktop.
3. The content shared on mobile devices is dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so think about how you are using these social media channels.
4. iPhone users share more on Facebook, whereas iPad users share more on Pinterest.
5. The majority of email sharing happens on a desktop.

 So now you can see how consumers are sharing content, it’s time to check your content strategy and make sure it’s informed to get results. If you want to increase your knowledge about content strategy further, contact DuckMedia today.



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Well, in simple terms, if the firm and partners are intending to exist in the near future, they will need to be marketed digitally…in some form.

Webinars, Social Media, Website Traffic and Web Networking – all components of the new online commercialisation of firms.

This is the direction in which the Accounting industry is moving – Like it or not. Scary isn’t it!!

Well, it doesn’t have to be… The early adopters are kicking goals, they realise that they can’t continue to do things the traditional way. They are finding opportunities to grow and finding niche’s that compliment their growth plans.

Increased competition, reduced geographical boundaries, new offerings and a hundreds of cloud apps ready to take your place… People aren’t just going to turn up on your doorstep any more. Traditional referrals will be replaced with referrals for great experiences found online – through likes and shares.

So how are you going to get involved, and when? When will you admit that your business needs a marketing plan – a real one that is proactive.

It’s time.

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Welcome to the ‘Digital’ era… New Technology moving at the speed of light.

Your business, your firm will never be the same again!!

Continuing to commercialise your business, continuing to attract clients, continuing to increase revenues will continue to shift to a new playing field. Digital commerce will be a challenging minefield with potential pitfalls, but it also represents an enormous opportunity to increase your exposure to expanding geographical markets, and new revenue streams. A new form of interaction begins to exist:

  • Virtual Business Groups – Networking across the web.
  • Online Referral Strategy – Seeking ‘Likes’, ‘Recommendations’ and ‘Suggestions’.
  • Digital Communication – Sending your firm’s message to cyberspace.
  • Digital Testimonial – A representation of your firm’s effectiveness, reviews and video representations online.
  • Website Commercialisation – Selling you product online – an ongoing, descriptive and automated salesperson.

Some elements of the digital process are negotiable – for now. Some are not. The process of converting to a digital presence will continue to become more and more important and the early adopters have the advantage of gaining ground, understanding the platform and getting a head start. What are you doing to understand your place in the new digital marketplace? How are you going to ensure you stand out, that your prospects understand the value of your offering and that you continue to grow?

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