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Let’s assume you know the correct process and steps you need to take to move your life, your business, your firm to the point at which you have achieved your current goals. Let’s then assume that you outlined those steps and put them in place in a timely manner, and achieved your goal. Perfect!.

Wouldn’t that be nice. More often than not, the planning is easy – often the path is clear, but yet we don’t always take those steps and complete the journey. Why? How do we allow obstacles to get in our way, why do we procrastinate? When all that’s required is to take the steps, to have that faith, why would we let anything get in our way?

Because often when the desire is there, sometimes the fears are greater. Sometimes the excuses are easier and sometimes we forget how much time we really have.

It’s nice to have a compelling reason to just complete those steps and achieve your goals. Sometimes it’s nice to have an accountability partner. Someone less emotionally invested, someone who can inspire you to complete the tasks required, when required. Treat your business and your personal goals as a promise to the most important person in your life. Someone you wouldn’t let down. And if that’s not enough, find someone who will remind you of that promise, and thank them for their help.

In the words of the great writer Steven Covey – ‘Accountability breeds responsibility’.

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