DuckMedia’s professinal services are tailored to the individual needs of the client. We take a business approach to professional firms – firms don’t often see themselves as a business as such, they don’t see the connection to marketing and sales – they are often afraid to explore that aspect of their promotions. We can help.

We bring a knowledge and experience from working with successful firms, those that have made the decision to adopt and utilize strong marketing as a vehicle in their business. We bring insight, we bring thinking that is fresh and progressive. We’ll simplify the sales and marketing process and ensure accountability.




How well are you planning your strategy?

At DuckMedia, we employ a process of analysis before embarking on any client marketing program to ensure we not only understand the current marketing position, but also where our clients need to be in the future. Our marketing assessment is an essential part of helping our clients reach their goals, we can offer this assessment in the following ways;

Marketing Consultation + Review | Consultation + Full Report | Consultation, Report + Plan.


Need an accountability partner for your marketing program?

Our ongoing marketing services mean that you can have a marketing partner at a fraction of the cost of a full time marketer. Our consultation and coaching expertise is tailored to the individual needs of the client, and together we commence a journey to define the marketing goals of the clients business. We take a business approach to professional services firms – firms don’t often see themselves as a business as such, they don’t see the connection to marketing and sales – they are often afraid to explore that aspect of their business.

We’ll work with you to discover the power of marketing, we’ll guide you.




Is your brand a competitor?

Strong consistent use of brand leads to stronger messages and engagement with your prospective client base. Your branding is your suit of armour, it’s the way you are perceived and goes well past just a fantastic logo. Your brand speak volumes about who you really are, what you offer and your position within your respective industries.

At Duckmedia, we look at your brand with fresh eyes, with a consumer outlook and with an overview of how it all ties together. Every piece of stakeholder  communication carries your brand message, every tool you use carries your message. Providing a clear and consistent message, and making it attractive to your prospects is an art in itself, something we do very well.


Is your brand current?

Busy firms tend to put the marketing on the back burner and the branding on hold when they are busy. Whilst you are building your business, and working in it, we are here to help you by maintaining the elements of your business that need to align with your overriding message.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone looking out for you, to make sure that all your communications have the same message, that you are always represented professionally? Talk to us today about how we can help you streamline and enhance the most important component of your marketing – your Brand.




Time poor? Lack Expertise?

From small to large scale or overseas events – there’s nothing we can’t do to take the stress and drama out of organising your event. We will create an event plan, we can break down the tools that will make your event a more relaxing experience. Whether it is creating and designing the event, implementation and booking services or booking the tools you need, we can tailor a solution for your next event. Ask us about PR events, and how we can ensure your next event sells you best.

Beyond booking and designing the event, we can also assist with the selling and promotion of your events. Whether we look at partner opportunities or physical ticket sales, we’ll help you market the event effectively and professionally.


Find all of your audience.

There is an abundance of ways to generate leads for your business, to find the right clients for future growth. Lead generation can be a time consuming, challenging part of your business and it’s hard to find someone who delivers real results.

With our sound knowledge of marketing platforms and experience across email marketing, telemarketing and event lead generation, we can work with you to develop a reliable and insightful lead generation programme. Our strength is our creativity, our flair for different and to gain cut-through in the current technology client, you need to stand out!




Have you comercialised your website?

Having a website somewhere in cyberspace is just the tip of the iceberg in it being effective… Managing and commercialising the site is one of the most challenging areas of digital marketing today. Changing technology and increasing competition means that the need to manage and continually enhance your website offering is key to long term success. It’s imperative you have a long term focus for your company’s online success, and are ready to embark on a journey to promote your presence online.


Where are we now?

Embarking on the road to successful online marketing and commercialising your online presence involves understanding your place in your industry online and the expectations of your target audience. Success in the traditional business world does not relate to, or guarantee success in commercialising your business on the web.

Our first point of call for any marketing project we commence at DuckMedia is understanding where you currently sit, and where you want to be. Our SEO audit is a comprehensive page report that identifies your current digital footprint, and allows us to explore with you the steps involved in progressing  that position. It’s not alwys pretty, but it is reality and provides a solid platform for improvement. Once we know the reality, we can start to change it for you.

If you are interested in an SEO Audit, contact DuckMedia to secure your report.


Duck Link Essentials

The basics of SEO, our advanced link building programme will help you to start to build your web presence, your ranking and your results.

This link building package is designed to support business in a mid to high competition industry, where the business is capable of actively contributing its own on-page elements including news, blog and general content.



Duck SEO Essential

Real SEO Management is all encompassing with both the traditional elements of optimisation and now incorporating the elements of Social Media Management and Blog. With the Duck Media Essential SEO package, a business in a low to mid competition industry is supported with basic article creation and guaranteed results.

Duck SEO Advanced

Our most popular SEO package, great for most professional services firms who want to get their optimisation off to a flying start and to reap early rewards. With the Duck Media Advanced SEO package, a business in a mid to high competition industry is supported with increased article creation and guaranteed results.

Duck SEO Premium

To meet the needs of highly competitive firms, those who want to make strong and speedy impacts into their respective industries, we offer the DuckMedia Premium SEO package. With high volume article creation, social media and directory submissions, this package is tailored to the needs of the enthusiastic firm – we guarantee strong results.



Do you need guidance?

Talk to us about tailoring a social media coaching plan to your firms needs. Our experts are available to work side by side or in a consultative manner to ensure you have the tools to build your own SEO and social media resources. This service is tailored to the needs of each individual firm to ensure results that align with your own goals.