Where are we now?

Embarking on the road to successful online marketing and commercialising your online presence involves understanding your place in your industry online and the expectations of your target audience. Success in the traditional business world does not relate to, or guarantee success in commercialising your business on the web.

Our first point of call for any marketing project we commence at DuckMedia is understanding where you currently sit, and where you want to be. Our SEO audit is a comprehensive, 10+ page report, that identifies your current digital footprint, and allows us to explore with you the steps involved in progressing that position. It’s not always pretty, but it is reality and provides a solid platform for improvement. Once we know the reality, we can start to change it for you.

For a limited time only, DuckMedia are offering this comprehensive report, normally $199, for just $99 dollars Inc GST. It’s exceptional value. If you are interested in an SEO Audit, simply contact DuckMedia to secure your report.

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Look outside your world…

We probably haven’t met a firm that didn’t think they were pretty good… A business that felt that the majority of their clients would be first class testimonials. Occasionally that’s true, often it’s not. Sure you feel you are close to your key clients, sure you feel you believe you offer the best possible experience… What if you are wrong?

It never hurts to engage your clients, your existing customer base or your partners to understand where you really sit in the scheme of things… At DuckMedia, we tailor packages to understand what your clients think of you, your processes, you people, your offering in general. We can work with your clients to develop consultative counsels to get honest and genuine feedback, to get the real picture. We, in conjunction with you and your clients, or your community provide an open forum for transparent feedback, designed to help you be the best you can be.

Call it a 360, call it advanced client feedback, the difference is that you are not asking, we are…

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