Welcome to DuckMedia Group.

Working for DuckMedia Group is the chance to be a part of a company .. It’s more than a job; it’s a place to develop your skills and build a career with competitive pay and an exciting career path where effort equals reward. Our staff range from online consultants, to marketing specialists, to graphic designers and website architects. Regardless of the position, our number one priority is to create an environment where those closest to the customer can build lasting relationships and provide trusted technology and entertainment expertise to improve customers’ lives. To work for DuckMedia Group is to be welcomed into a diverse family, where the individual contributions of every associate are respected and valued.

Current Positions Available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions vacant.

If you feel you could contribute to this growing business, outside of any available positions advertised above, please e-mail your resume to DuckMedia Group. Simply click the link below, tell us about yourself and attach your resume.