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A big part of the mindset for Accountants, Lawyers and the like in adopting new digital technologies for marketing is the realisation that there is a difference between a firm and a business… Scarily, many partners just don’t see their firm as a regular business.

Referrals come, the business grows – why would we market ourselves?

Because digital technology has changed everything – including the ongoing viability of your business if you are slow to adopt the technologies of the future. Along with Value Added services and a strong point of difference, firms will need to find a niche within digital and online platforms and social media. The advantage: an extended audience beyond traditional geographical boundaries. The challenge: understanding the technology and commercialising your niche.

A firm consists of partners and those on the tools. A business consists of that team working to promote and build the business utilising marketing and sales insights, and adopting digital technologies. Professional services firms are now competing for a space online. The rules have changed and your mindset needs to orientate towards your business,
not your firm.

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